Just a bit of details....

Ready to Step if up?


Cardio Sculpt class happens on Monday mornings here at NOFO Wellness, this class is composed of step cardio, some hiit on the floor and a conditioning mat section.  This class definitely brings out the kid in YOU!  Who doesn't like steppin and jumpin?  This class is perfect for all levels, young to mature, options presented for all moves with a fun and relaxed atmosphere...  Come and join the fun!

YOGA in our new studio!


NOFO Wellness Center has a whole new look!  Come break in our newly renovated YOGA studio. and exercise with us at our Total Gym  

Namaste North Fork

WALK 15 Aerobics

This program is for people of all abilities with one common goal...  to live better by Walking More!

Participants of this class will be guided by the Instructor along with great music, by walking based steps.  The hour includes warm-up, aerobic fitness and a cool down stretch.  The music will provide an aerobic workout every participant can do, through LOW IMPACT, easy to follow moves.  The WALK 15 program turns minutes into miles!  WALK15 provides minutes of fun and will provide approximately the equivalent of one mile for every fifteen minutes of movement.  At the end of class, participants will have succeeded in "walking" appx. 3 miles.  All registrants are asked to wear comfortable clothing, including sneakers.  A small towel and a bottle of water is a must!

Zumba Classes!


Pretty much the most awesome workout EVER!  Dance to great music, with great people and burn a TON of calories without even realizing it..  You must try  this!



Want to relax before or stretch out after in the heat!  Welcome to the Sauna!



people may be asking... what is Bootybarre? 

this is a fun, energetic, workout that fuses technique from Dance, Pilates and Yoga that will tone, define and chisel the whole body.  bootybarre is the perfect combination of strength and flexibility with an added cardiovascular element utilizing the barre.  This is a must to try!